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During late Spring and summer, rapid growth of grass means frequent mowing is essential, plant foods contained in a compound lawn fertiliser do much more than make the grass look greener, its main task is to produce closely knit turf that reduces the ability for moss or weeds to penetrate and get a foothold.

Of course, this will also make your lawn look more attractive to the eye creating a lush green colour, but equally important is the build up to resistance to drought and disease.

Constant mowing can have a detrimental effect on your lawn draining it of its natural reserves and Nitrodgen becomes exhausted very quickly, phosphates and potash more slowly, so unless the reserves are replaced the grass can turn pale and the turf becomes thin and sparse.

There are basically two main types of granular fertiliser spreaders; drop and rotary. At Lawngraft I offer the former, a spreader offering precision application over smaller areas.

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