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Lawn mowing Chester MALPAS & Whitchurch – what turf needs

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What turf needs to thrive.

Turf needs constant care and attention to keep it looking in tip-top condition.

A lush, well-maintained lawn is the perfect green foil for colourful herbaceous borders, a great setting for summer picnics and even a foraging ground for birds and other wildlife.

Lawngraft recommend to cut your lawn at least once a week in summer and once every two weeks during spring, autumn and warm winters. Regular trimming encourages the roots to spread, which will help to fill gaps and block out weeds.

Always water young lawns but don’t over water as this can cause them to root shallowly and establish poorly. Where possible, use rainwater from a water butt or grey water from your bath or washing up bowl.

Plantains and dandelions have wide, flat leaves that can smother large areas of lawn and inhibit growth. Yellow medick, buttercups and clover can also spread quickly through a lawn, so raking before mowing can help to lift them up into the mower blades, weakening and killing them off over time.

Compacted ground prevents grass growing well and can lead to bare patches in the summer and mud baths in the winter. Relieve the compaction and aerate the soil, A service Lawngraft is happy to offer. The prongs open up the soil, allowing the roots to breathe and encouraging the grass to regrow.

Not only does it need feeding, it needs feeding different treatments and different times of the year. To keep your lawn looking good you need to feed it regularly, Lawngraft offers a fertiliser service and where possible, I would recommend an organic aiding long term lawn health over chemical alternatives, but please be aware, this is not always feasible or may not be readily available and therefore, chemical alternatives may be the best option.

So if you are looking for Lawn mowing Chester, Lawn mowing Whitchurch or Malpas areas, or lawn treatments please get in touch with the lawn grafters.

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Frequent cutting

Ensure your lawn is cut frequently, let Lawngraft help create a regular cutting plan.


Seasonal feeding

Your lawn needs regular seasonal feeding, Lawngraft can help.


Never let your lawn dry out

Never let your lawn dry out, long term damage to grass-roots may occur and the lawn may never recover.


Invasive weeds and mosses

Treat invasive weeds and mosses early, they will take over given the opportunity and no one wants to see a weed-infested garden lawn.


Here at Lawngraft, I offer customers a wide variety of professional services for the garden. Specialising in Lawn Mowing, General Garden Maintenance and Lawn Care.


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